Friday, February 25, 2011

Friend gardening

Gardening is fun(some of the time),but it is much more fun if you have friends to help!
     Friend Gardening~
       5 good friends (make sure that they are really good friends or this won't work)
       1 extra large green-house
       2 siblings
       a box full of seeds

Mix together your friends,until they get a really good conversation going.Then stick them in the green-house,and get them to plant hundreds of  the seeds.After you do that,shake up your siblings until you get that sibling rivalry going good.Then add that to the friend and seed mixture.Mix them all together, and enjoy! :)
 Thanks guys!!


  1. Haha! We had fun as well! AND I got to learn a bad word in England! Shhh....

  2. Hahaha!! Sorry about that...the boys learned it from the Loucks.(could ya tell?!);)
    Thanks for helping!! =)

  3. I really like this recipe - a lot!