Monday, February 28, 2011


'I meant to do my work today -- but a brown bird sang in the apple tree,and a butterfly flitted across the field,and all the leaves were calling me.'
                      ~Richard de Gallienne

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.Everything is growing.Trees have new buds, grass in no longer brown,but is turning a beautiful emerald green.There are baby chicks,baby goats....people everywhere are planting gardens and flower-beds.The people across the street are mowing their can smell the sweet sent of freshly mowed grass,and all the meadow flowers that are starting to come up.
People think happily of the sweet peas,and radishes.....lettuce,and spinach,as they work in their gardens.
Spring is the season of life.

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  1. I love Spring! I like seeing your thoughts on it! :o)