Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In loving memory of Duke

This is in memory of Duke
Who was considered the "fuke"
On March twenty-third he was laid to rest
While his family must remember his days of best.

An energetic dog he was
That loved to run and play,
When people came, he jumped on their cars
Excited to see his company.

He was very much an oversized dog
That was getting to large for his kennel
That was made of metal.

We will miss our dear pal
And his large paws that he loved massaged,
Our hearts must mend
While we remember out dear friend
Duke the "Fluke".     -S.E.J.



  1. I hope that you don't mid that I used your poem Sarah....I can take it off if you wan't me to.
    I had just thought of that as soon as I posted it. :} Sorry.

  2. Aww, how sweet. I am sorry for your loss, Sarah, and I think it's sweet you posted my sister's poem. :)

  3. Wow, I really mind that you used that...NOT! :)
    Aaww, sweet Duke! He was a very pretty dog. I love the picture too.