Monday, April 25, 2011

Mosquitoes and knife throwing

Earlier this evening, me and my brothers were playing with knives(throwing them at a board and trying to get them to stab in).The mosquitoes decided to play too; and lots of funny lines were floating through the nigh air around us.

Jesse: *singing* Amazing graaaaaace! hooooow sweet bar!
Me: Chocolate bar?
Jesse: Ya! *still singing* ....that saved aaaaaaaa retch like.....Joe-joe!
Joe: Hey!!!
Jesse: Oops! :)

Joe: OK Sarah, you have to throw the knife this way.
Me: Like this?
Joe: Yes.

The knife flies through the air, and lands about three feet away from the board.

Me: Oops!! :}
Jesse: My turn! Hey Sarah, if you want to make it dead on every time, try this: *yelling* Knife sector 5.380 31/2!!!  You see, if you call it by a cool name, it will want to go in the wood for you.
Me: Really?
Jesse: Yes! Watch...

He leans back, grips his knife and throws. The blade glances off the wood and the knife lands in a hole about four feet away.

Me: Right...
Jesse: Well almost every time. :}


  1. I can hear everyone's voices! I think I can hear Jesse from here! *rubs my ear*

  2. Haha! This sounds just like you guys! :D

  3. You should really write these down in a book or keep them somehow. They are great snid-bits of your life growing up together and are very special to look back on. I can say that from experience. :) I like this episode!