Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday was the second day that we went to the farmer's market down town. (I would have written a post about our first week-end there, but it was so busy that we had no time to take pictures!)
We are hoping to sell there every Saturday, or as long as we have lettuce to sell. The Palafox Farmer's Market is really a lot of fun, they have art vendors at one end, and the plant/veggie/food vendors at the other. (That is where we sell our produce.) We also have some friends that will sometimes go there to play music for everyone, and they are really good too! All of the vendors love to listen to them play. Altho they were not going to play yesterday, they still came to get some veggies and to say hi.
We sold out all of our lettuce, by 10:00am and we had sold out of most everything else by about 11:30.
It was a great day. :)
This is what our yard looks like on Friday night as we get ready
for the market.(the bins are what we carry the lettuce in)
Radishes that Jesse picked.
Josiah and Dad picking the potatoes.
We have to wash some of the dirt off the radishes before we
sell them...that is Jesse's job. :)
Our stand at the market.

I grow pasion flower plants, to sell them here.


  1. Oh, what fun! I love doing the Palafox too! :)

  2. I am going to have such fun with food this week from this very special vendor. I can't wait to eat what came out of your yard! (Again:) I'm gonna have to come earlier next time.

  3. :) How fun!

    Gee, I wonder where Jesse got that awesome shirt he's wearing. And who is that family you know that plays music? I would love to find out. ;)

  4. Thanks guys! And it would be cool if we could see you all every week!! :)