Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring flowers

If April showers bring May flowers, than what do May flowers bring? I like to say sunshine and happiness. :)

This past month has been full of flowers. It seemed as if every day there was something new budding happily away in it's corner, happy in it's beauty, but content to hide all it's loveliness in the tall grass.
I never seemed to notice the flowers before. I don't know why. It sounds strange, but all at once I seemed to notice them. And as I gazed at the beauty of one I would glance over and see another one, patiently waiting to be noticed by some one. One of the things that I thought the strangest, was that even the nasty weeds that invade our gardens, and scratch at our feet as we walk, had flowers on them.
 It was almost like some one was coming, some one very important, and the flowers had decorated the yard, and made it to look nice in honor of this some one. But, not only had the flowers decorated for this some one, even the weeds found it in themselves to dig deep into the scratchiness of themselves, and pull out that which is most beautiful. Even the grass rose to the occasion; and all had their own beautiful colors to show. The different grass that grows in our yard, were full of pinks, purples, yellows, and one was even white with little brown stripes down the petals. The flowers that the weeds produced were but slightly bigger than the grass'. There was yellow ones that would lay close to the ground, like a rug; and purple ones that were in clusters all huddling together, and there was one that was tall and thin, and at the top of each stalk, there was a little fuzzy white flower that would only open at a certain time each day.
I love to go each day and pick a vase of flowers to have on the kitchen table. I would go each day and try to find a new flower to have in my vase....a small reminder that God loves us so much that He made flowers to brighten our days with color, fragrance, and simple beauty. (you know I find it fascinating that when a painter paints a flower, everyone is so amazed at the beauty of the painting, and how well the painter captured each small detail, that they forget the creator that made the flower for the painter to paint.......just a thought..)
Some of the roses that grow by our porch.

Some of the grass. It is beautiful when this will cover a whole
front yard. So far it has only grown large enough to have cute
little patches of purple around our yard. :)

Here is some of the wild-flowers that grow around
the pond.

Some of our old Five O'clock's grew back in our garden this
year. At 5:00pm every night, they will open.

This is one of our irises. We don't know what
kind it is, or where it came from, it was here when
we moved here and it has spread some since then;
but we have no idea what kind it is. We have
looked every where, and we can't find it online.
And one of the funny things is that we never see it in
other people's yards....If you have any idea of what
kind of iris this is please let us know. :)


  1. Sarah, what you wrote is beautiful. I too have found myself noticing flowers as never before. I was sitting outside on the porch when I happened to look over and see a cute little flower next to me as though it were saying, "I opened up just so you could see me". :) Thank you for reminding us of the beauty that God puts into our lives.

  2. Those flowers are all so pretty! I enjoyed reading your perspective of it all. :)

  3. I love the roses at the top. :) Very beautiful.

    What time do those 5:00 o'clocks open up when we change the time? Then what are they called? :D

  4. Oh, let me guess! May flowers bring...PILGRIMS!! :D

    I enjoyed reading your post and reading your perspective. It is always nice to notice the beauty in everything, that means anything whether it be a weed or a puddle of mud on the sidewalk, so enjoyed that part about the weeds that you put in. :)

  5. Thanks guys! I love all your comments! :)

    (to Ruth: 4:00 o'clocks! Duh!! ;)

  6. Well, maybe 5 o'clocks aren't even around when the time changes. They do that to save us confusion, I think. They are very considerate flowers.

    I have some, but have always heard of them as 4 o'clocks. Perhaps on our side of town they open an hour earlier than yours!

    I LOVE wildflowers and the wild look they have all bunched together. And it is one of my favorite things to do to bring something live from the yard into the house. I pretty much always have a vase of something somewhere, even if it's only cool leaves. There is definitely something to having live things around us; and you are right, Sarah, about it reminding us of Who made them.

    Beautiful Iris!! I haven't seen that color either. Just gorgeous.