Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to clean the pool!

Saturday we took the day and decided to clean the pool. We had been trying to for months, and just now found the time to do it. :} (I know that I probably put too many pictures on here.....oh well.... :)

....After :)

The boys sweeping out the mucky water into the deep-end.

We rented this pump from Home Depot for the day.
Taking a break in the cool hose water.

 We always love to swim in the pool right after we have cleaned it; it is so cool when it is empty, and we can slide down the slant. :)
 Note that although it looks like I was not there helping and stuff, I really was there; the reason I am not in the pictures is because I am the only one who thought to take them. :)


  1. Whoa! That looks awesome! Seems like lots of fun. And I had no idea the pool was that deep. :)

    Never too many pictures, Sarah. :D

  2. Thanks Ruth!!
    We really need to get you all over here for some swimming fun!! :D

  3. What fun! I loved seeing the pictures! We shall definitely need to get over there. :)