Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another day at the beach

So today we decided to have an all day beach day; we got up at 6:30am, and packed a lunch, along with our diving equipment, and set out. We decided to go to Fort Pickens, so that we could dive around the rocks. By the time we had arrived, there was already a bunch of fishermen around the big rocks, so decided to try the little ones. We ended up going down 50ft, and there was not much of anything other than sand. I collected sand-dollars (which were 'acidentily' left at the beach by the boys), and a cool shell. We also seen some sea-caterpillars, and a really big starfish! The caterpillars looked like centipedes, only fatter, and more like jello. :} Jesse went down with dad, and they seen an octopus, and an eel, which he caught. Josiah seen a stingray, and he was really exited about that. :) By this time the fishermen had left, so we quickly moved our beach gear to a spot near the big rocks, before anyone else came and got it. We all took turns diving again; I went down, but my air tank kept floating, and so it was hard to stay down there. I did see an eel, and a really big conch shell, but then we had to go back because I was out of air. When we got back up, Jesse started to get really exited about something, and he grabbed the net, scooped it in the water, and pulled up a puffer fish!! It wasn't that big, but it had expanded and we could see all it's spikes. It was so cute! It was yellow, with a kind of light brown splotched on it; and it was about the size of and iPod nano. ;)
So then Jesse went down, and came back up with two live sad-dollars! They were purple and had little tiny hairs on them. Then Joe went down, and by that time dad's air was empty and dad had to breath off of Joe's 2nd stage (there is another name for it, I just can't think of it right now). While they were down, me and Jesse hung out by the rocks; Jesse found a mini fish skeleton, and I watched the storm over the mainland. It was a cool storm too; we could stay in the water, just fine, but we could hear thunder, and see lightning flashing out of the dark storm clouds, along with the pouring rain over the mainland.
After we had used almost all our air, and once we had all gotten stung at least once, we decided that it was time to go. We packed everything up and drove home, all sunburned, and water-logged, humming the tune to the beach song, and wishing that I had brought my memory-stick so that we could have had pictures. :}

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  1. How fun! We have been watching Flipper which makes me think how cool it would be to go around diving and snorkeling. All of the stuff you have seen sounds pretty cool! Oh yeah, and it may not be a good idea to throw live sand dollars at people - they can have sharp edges. Just sayin'...