Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Fun Friday! ;)

Friday, my dad decided that it was time to have some fun after all the work that we had been doing on the greenhouse, and that we were going to the beach! We packed a blanket and chairs, some towels, etc....
and left early. We went to our secret spot (it's not really secret, we just like to say it is), and of course we had to play 'The beach song' on our drive there! (special thanks to the Johnson girls!) ;)

Jesse was REALLY exited....can ya tell?!? ;)

We got at the beach, just as the Park Ranger was unlocking the look-out tower. He explained about the battle stations, and how they were used. One thing that I thought was interesting, was that one of the guns that were by where we were, was NOT one of the original guns that they used in Pensacola! They had gotten it from the Smithsonian! I was also surprised that the Ranger, didn't know how they had built the towers! Dad had to explain it to us. :} We did end up getting a really cool view, so that was nice. :) (and by cool view, I don't mean Jesse!) ;)

Mom didn't feel up to climbing all those steps, so she went to find us a nice spot on the beach. We could see her from the tower; this is the picture that I got of her from there.  :)

We ended up finding a really nice spot by a sand-bar, and it had it's own little swimming hole! :D

Jesse: Hey! There's a boat!
Mom: Ship Jesse....that's a ship.
Jesse: Oh...right... :}
A cute little crab that Jesse found, and caught...along with the help of Joe of course! ;)

We ended the day by going to a nice little pizza place for lunch.....and then we came home and cleaned A ton of lettuce! (I guess you could consider that fun.....but I wouldn't.) ;)
We had a fun day!


  1. Aaww! how fun! I love beach trips. :) I like the pictures as well! It looked like a very pretty day.

  2. Well, now I have to think of something else to say!... It looked like a pretty day... oh.... that line was taken....

    I want to go to the beach now! :)

  3. Maybe we should all go together!! :D I almost can't remember the last time we all went to the beach together! *sniff* So sad... ;)