Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun summer weekend

Just because we don't go on summer vacation, doesn't mean that we never have fun in the summer. Like this last week-end. Saturday we went to the Farmers Market down town, and after made homemade pizza together.
Sunday, we went to the movies and seen the new Harry Potter movie. And yesterday we went blueberry picking! :) We went to Hillcrest farm in Alabama, and they have this really cute shop in their shed this year. They have jellys and jams, and they even have homemade ice-cream! It was a nice treat after picking in the heat all morning. :) After, we went to a cute little diner called 'Resturant' for lunch. :) It was really cute inside, with little pig decorations all over it. After we got home mom made yummy pork-chops for dinner, while I cleaned out the blueberries and put them in bags for the freezer. All in all, it was a pretty fun weekend. :)

Yummy blueberries!

Joe had coffee ice cream.( He really does like
it. Don't be fooled by the face) :)
Mom had coffee also.
I thought that I would try something new and have
cinnamon-pecan, and it was really good!
The cute dog loved licking our ice cream lids. :)
The yummy fruits of our labor!


  1. We went blueberry picking a little while back. We had soooo much fun, and when we were done, we had sooooo many blueberries! We went to Beulah Berries, right here in town, like, twenty minutes away from our house.
    Are you gonna make pie or pancakes?

  2. Fun fun! Hmm, you HAVE to make a pie or pancakes! More than once, of course. :)

  3. We actualy like to use them in shakes, but I have an amazing blueberry-bars recipe that I like to make. :)(We do like them in pancakes too.) :)

  4. It sounds like a fun weekend. What a nice treat! :) Ah, the blueberries! A familiar sight. :D The blueberry bars sound scrumtious! Let me know how those are. Did you like the movie?

  5. You know my blueberry bars Sarah! I brought them to Songs in the Park. They have lemon in them... :)
    Yes!! The movie was so good! It was the best ending that I have ever seen for a movie sequels! :)

  6. Oh my...I DO remember those bars! Oh yummy! Nothing like seeing Sarah walk up with the square plate covered in foil! :D