Friday, August 12, 2011

Bath-time blues

 (Based on a true story)

"Come here girl!" Says a young girl, as she carries shampoo, towels, and the bright red collar to the bath post. "Woof! Woof!" The dog answers gleefully; secretly hoping that she was being called out to play fetch. She runs around the girl's legs, making her trip and almost fall.
They both make it to the bath post; and the girl talks happily to the dog as she pulls up her hair, and gets everything ready.
"Come here girl!"
The dog looks at the girl, than at the post. She puts her ears down, and tries to crawl away.
"Come here!"
A whimper and a wine, as the dog slowly crawls, in the longest possible route, to the girl and the dreaded bath post. The girl talks soothingly to the dog, as she ties her to the post. The dog whimpers pitifully as the hose is turned on, and the shampoo opened. The girl gently scrubs, and lathers the shampoo into the dogs thick, black fur. The dog's back, belly, and neck gets scrubbed, and the girl just starts on the dogs backside, as the dog decides to shake out her fur!
"No, no! Silly dog!"
She grins ruefully, as she tries to scrub faster to prevent the dog from shaking soap all over her again.
At last the dog is completely scrubbed over, and now for the rinsing. The soapy water runs over the girl's bare toes; the suds run down her arms. The last of the soap is finally washed away, and the dog starts to get restless. The girl reaches to untie the dog slowly.
 At that, the dog races around the yard barking happily, pausing only to shake the water out of her fur.
The girl quickly grabs the towel, and runs after her. After a long race around the yard, the girl finally catches the dog, and rubs her with the big blue towel. After drying her as best she can, the girl opens the large glass sliding doors to the house, and the dog joyfully runs in, to the great annoyance of the other members in the family.
"EWW! She's all wet!"
"Hey! Your messing up all my clean clothes!"
"MOM! The dog got my bed wet!"
After making sure that everyone had complained at least once, she walks over to the girl, gives her a slobbery kiss with her big pink tongue, and lays down at her feet, as if to say: "I really don't like when you give me a bath, but I still love you all the same." :)


  1. Grace does just the same thing when she's done with her baths:)

  2. Haha! Aww. :) The dogs can be funny when they have to get baths.