Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Saturday, me and Joe made dinner together, and as it was family-movie-night, we had pizza!

Joe made his favorite, which is 'meat lovers', and I made cheese with onions. :)

We started the pizza/movie-night tradition a few years ago and it stuck. We had originally started with boxed pizza (because it was nice and easy), and have now moved up to grilled in the summer, and regular homemade in the winter. We have tried stuffed crust (did not work at all; we just got cheese everywhere!), and mom created her own Mexican pizza; I love white pizza, with pesto and ricotta cheese, and we even made some hot buffalo-wings pizza! (another one of Joe's favorites)

This was the first time that Joe had put anything in the oven. (he was really exited) ;)

We had an extra round of pizza dough, so we made some surprise cinnamon-buns for desert! :D
And although I did accidentally burn the cheese on Joe's pizza, it was a fun and yummy pizza/family-movie-night!! :)


  1. Aww, fun! It's always nice cooking with your sibling. :)

    Our family movie night is on Friday; one night behind you guys! :) It all looks yummy. Even the burnt one. :D

  2. Hehe! This is sooo cute!!! I love the pic with his oven mitts on his face! :D It's so cool you do these sort of things with him, Sarah!

  3. I love baking with Cam! Except that he's scared of the oven:) usually he's my putter-awayer. How do you make grilled pizza? It sounds fantasmerifical!

  4. Pizza....Cute pictures! And of course, yummy pizza! :D And hey, I like a brown every once in awhile. Ruth is the one that will go, "Noooo! It's buuuurnt!" when it isn't even done yet. I mean....looove you, Ruth...

  5. I love it! Me and Joe will make pies and stuff together too; Jesse doesn't really like to, unless it's to lick the spoon! :)

    Meredith: We actualy roll out the dough and lay it right on the grill, then when it looks like flat bread, we put the sauce and toppings on it, lay it on a sheet-pan (that is on the grill), and wait for the cheese to melt. :) It is really good! You guys should come over some night and try it! :D