Wednesday, September 21, 2011



  1. Hmm, second place I've seen this... But it's still cute. :)

  2. Sign me up! :D

    I like your new book list part on the side you added. I liked the George MacDonald, and the B.T. Washington one was very good, but got rather slow when he would have speakings, but I enjoyed it. To Kill a Mockingbird was good, and Little Dorrit (along with other of Dickens) is on my to read list as well. I like books...

  3. RIGHT ON GIRL!!!!!
    All of those are some of my favorite parts of fall. I keep lookin at the weather forecast.
    Me: OOH! The temperature is supposed to be two degrees lower in a week! How cool is that?
    Someone else: Um, about 82 degrees instead of 84?

  4. Awwwe! Yay! I loooove fall! It officially starts this friday (my Mom's birthday). I can't wait until the weather reads the calendar too. We need to get a bonfire and a good football game going really soon (talk to your Dad)!

    I also just saw your book list and you should be so completely excited for the next two books! Those are two of my favorite ones ever! :) Have fun!

  5. Ooh!! I would like to have a football game soon at the Millers! :) And I love fall!:)

  6. I second Bria's comment! A good game and all. "Mr. Geooooorge!"

    A Wrinkle in Time sounds familiar. Is it a love story, or maybe a time love story? I almost want to say that I heard a movie like that.

  7. Dad said: "I'm game for a game!" :)