Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

I am finally writing this post! I have been wanting to do this post for the last two weeks, and here I am! I also thought that it might make it a little more Christmas-y as --at least over here-- it is hot, muggy and rainy. :P

So first I have to tell you all about our Christmas tree story.'s quite a story. :}
To start with, we always have a real tree, and so, we normally go to the nursery by our house (well, not right by our get what I mean.), and mom picks out the 'perfect' tree. Now we got all ready to go, we were all dressed up because we were going to take our Christmas pictures in front of all the trees. But then the boys had a squabble about who got to sit in the fron seat, and mom said that she didn't feel like going after that. So the next day we tried again, and it was raining (actually it seems to be a tradition for us to always end up getting our tree on the wettest, rainiest days.). The rain stopped, and we got all ready to go, then, right as we were heading out the door, it started up again!! But we were determined to go that day, so we sat down and waited for the rain to stop. After about 45 minutes of us waiting, it finally stopped. We all ran to the car, and headed out.
We pulled up to the nursery, and mom thought that is was closed because no one else was there....but then she remembered the rain, and we all got out. We looked at all the trees they had. Big trees, and little trees, fat trees and skinny trees. Ten foot trees, and Charley Brown trees (I actually really wanted one because they were so cute.). :) And after looking at every tree at least 5 times, Joe picked out the 'perfect' tree. The man tied it up in the twine-net stuff, and mom gave Jesse the keys to unlock the car for the men to tie the tree to the car. THE BIG MISTAKE!
So the guys get the tree tied securely, and they close the doors. Mom then remembers that she has to pay for it (fancy forgetting that!), and she locks the car....and....shuts...the...door.
Jesse: *running in slow motion* NOOOOOO!!!!

So, have you figured it out yet? Jesse left the keys on the passenger's seat in the car. Yeah. My brother....the genius. ;)
We stood there staring through the window at them shining away in the Christmas lights. Then Joe notices that the window is opened a crack!
Joe: Hey Jesse! Lift me up so I can squeeze my arm through to reach the Lock/Unlock button!
So that is what Jesse did, and we all heard the magical *CLICK* of the button as Joe unlocked the door! We all shouted for joy! (and that is also where the guys working at the nursery started looking at us like we were crazy or something.) :} Joe had successfully unlocked the car!! Yeah!! My brother....the genius!! ;) (see what I did there?)
Mom pocketed the keys after that, and after paying for the tree, we managed to get home without any more 'adventures'! :D
And that is the tree that you see here:
It actually looks kinda messy in this picture...hmmm...might need to work on that. :}
We have a bunch of old antique ornaments, and we did have an antique star on the top that lit up, but it broke. :( We also had three antique angels that we used after the star broke, but for the last tree years dad has broken them, either putting them up or taking them down. :}

Here are some of my favorite ornaments:

My penguin that I got the year before last.
(notice how he is eating a fish.) ;)

I don't know why but this has always been the ornament that I
always put up. It has been my favorite for as long as I can
remember. (The little bears are just too cute!) :D

This is one of our antique ones. These always get
put on the TOP of the tree so little hands can't
reach them. :)

And this is an ornament made by my great aunt.
It is made out of safety-pins, and beads.
(I actually have one on my book shelf.) :) 

So that's a little taste of our Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed it, and have a wonderful Christmas yourself! :D


  1. Oh, the fun of locking keys in the van...yes, I know how that feels. Not that I have ever done it (yet), but I have a few siblings....:)

    It looks like a very nice tree! Good choice.

  2. Aww! How fun! :D Sarah has not locked the keys in a car yet... But she is a bad driver... No... Just kidding! Umm... Yeah.... Just... Kidding... *Driving on the enterstate*... "Hey I can't help it I'm merging!"... And when my boat got wrecked I told my brother in law... And he said... "Oh it must have been Sarah... Huh???" Sarah is always mentioned when somthing is wrecked that has to do with driving!... :)

  3. Well I ment to say mentioned in a "Just joking" way... (Kind of an inside joke kind of thing) :D

  4. I loved the story! (And what you did there, I see it! :P) I loooove this time of year! And since there is only like 4 days until Christmas can someone tell the weather guy to make it feel like it! xD

    Cya on Christmas Eve!!! :D

  5. That's funny and I can Relate to that story I locked My mothers car keys in the trunk of our car one time.And Merry Christmas!! Hope you all have a good one!! :D

  6. I can sooo picture this! NOOOOOOOO! Then your mom's like, "What in the world, Jesse?!?"
    Made me laugh! :)