Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A puzzle....

"Two legs sat upon three legs, with one leg in his lap. In runs four legs, snatches up one leg; up jumps two legs, catches up three legs, throws it at four legs, and makes it bring back one leg."

Try to figure it out.... :)


  1. And don't you say what it is Bria! :)

  2. OK, so am I to translate into earth-speak? I'll take a shot!
    A man sat on a stool with a drumstick in his lap. In runs his dog, snatches up the drumstick; up jumps the man, catches up the stool, throws it at the dog, and makes it bring back his drumstick?
    OK, I've used my brain enough today...off to bed! :)

    1. Say! That is what I was going to say. At least now I don't have to type it! ;D

  3. I had a hard time figuring out what the shape would be snaching up a leg and all that stuff. (Trying to draw it out with paper and pencil.)

  4. Ok Meredith, you got it...well almost. :) The one leg was a leg of mutton. :) Great job!! =D