Sunday, March 18, 2012

                                     ~The Edge of Morning~

The night was dark, the earth was still. Not a sound to be heard.
All living things sleeping peacefully in their beds. And so the night went on....

Then a breeze, no bigger than a whisper, floated down from around the mountains
where she was keeping watch. She had only one message, only one she would convey,
"It is time." is all that she would say.

She lowered herself to the soft rolling hills, where the wildflowers stood sleeping
with their buds tightly closed. "Prepare yourself," said the gentle breeze, "It is time."

The flowers, softly rocked by the breeze, opened their eyes. They danced on the hillside
in the breeze; and they bent their colorful heads to the earth and whispered, "It is time."

The earth that people tread on, at rest from many feet, hugged around the strong roots of
a tall and ancient tree. And the dirt mumbled softly, "It is time."

Now, the gentle breeze was growing this whole time; gradually stronger and stronger,
and it caressed the branches of the tall tree. The poor leaves broke off and floated away
on the wind. They landed in a little stream; and the leaves squeaked softly, "It is time."

The wind started to blow the stream, waking it up; and it started to gurgle and flow.
The soft flow of water woke the fish sleeping there; and the stream said to the fish,
"It is time."

The fish swam away with the message; around the twists and turns in the stream, until
the stream turned into a mighty river. And the fish said to the river, "It is time."

The river ran and ran. It ran past mighty trees standing alone, past woods and forests.
It worked into a raging white foam, and passed over a majestic waterfall. After many
miles, it reached the sea. The river slowed, and it said to the sea, "It is time."

The sea awoke with a rumble, and said, in a voice that was mighty and deep, but no
bigger than a whisper, to all the world: "Now, it is time!"

At that, the wind stopped to blow. The sea went calm, the river stopped raging, the
 fish paused in their trails, the stream stopped gurgling.......the flowers paused and
looked towards the East.

The whole world paused to look.......and then......all at once.....the sky turned to gold,
and the sun rose on a new day. A new day to live, to love, and to prosper in together.



  1. I really really love this!!! You are an amazing writer!!! <3

  2. That's really REALLY good! You have to do some writing professionally when you graduate! :)

  3. I would love to see this illustrated and published by the way!

  4. How beautiful. :) I loved the what it built up to in the end. Very nice!

  5. Woa! I didn't know you wrote this until I got to the end. I was thinking, this is so pretty; what an awesome writer.. And it's YOU! :)

  6. Aw, thanks you guys! :) I am not always an awesome writer, as my essays give full proof. :\ But you are all so sweet. :D

    1. Well, you did say that you think essays restrict creative freedom or something like that, and they're rarely anybody's best work...
      Besides, essays are totally different from poetry! :)

  7. Sarah, I love your writing! Such beautiful imagery

  8. Wow this is great! Good job! Great Climax by the way :)

  9. Good job Sarah! :D Very good writing!! :)