Saturday, July 28, 2012

"You see, lad, when I was a boy I thought everything my mother said and my father did was old-fashioned and a bit ignorant. But when I was a man, I saw that, if I had started right from where they set me down, I would have been further ahead. To honor your father and mother don't mean to stick by their chimney corner all your life, but to start from their front door and go forward. I went out by the back door, like the fool I was; to get at the front road, I had a long round to make before I could even get started."
                                                                                          --The Baron's Apprenticeship


  1. I didn't know you were reading that one! It was very good, as well as the first two. I found very much pleasure and eye openers from those books. Nice quote...:)

  2. I actually read it a while ago....this quote had kind of stuck with me since I read it, and was going through my mind all this past week.... :)