Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kid Instinct

All is quiet in the school-room.The children are studying diligently.The clock in the other room makes no other noise than that of a soft 'tick,tick,tick...'.The children keep their eyes glued to their work.
It's 11:45; a little boy coughs.
11:50. A girl shifts positions in her chair.( they haven't looked away from their papers by the way)
   All is still.....
11:55.A boy squirms.
11:58. He whispers something to the kid next to him.
11:59. Someone tells a joke,and the other kids start to giggle.
12:00. Everyone starts talking!!
  The teacher looks up from her desk, "Why are you all talking?!"
A girl answers, "It's lunch time!"
  "How do you know that?!"
"Instinct." =)

Welcome to my world! ;)


  1. I feel like I can :D

  2. Haha! Funny! I always know when it's lunch time. ;)

  3. This brings back some memories for me. Only we had a really hard time with being quiet to begin with! Good, good things to remember.