Wednesday, March 2, 2011


                    ~The Pathway~
Yonder is a pathway thrue trees so serene,
the ground covered by leaves,brown ,red,and green.

I wander down this pathway,along twist and turn,
my mind becoming flooded with past lessons learned.

I puzzle and ponder of the greatness of God,
of the roads he has traveled,of the pathways He's trod.

I think of my life,and how it's a pathway too;
one that I must quickly trip upon,or struggle slowly through. 

I longingly sigh for the day,that I will find the end,
and go to see my Saivior,my one true best friend.


  1. Wow, Sarah! What amazing writing! I love this, and am so glad to see you writing it! You never know, one day I may snag it from you! :)

  2. I like it. :) I would have never guessed it was you who wrote!

  3. Thanks you guys!!Oh,and I don't mind if you snag it. ;)

  4. "Wow" is right; poems aren't easy. Very nice, Sarah, and sweetly written. :)