Thursday, March 10, 2011


What is worse than being in lock-down because of tornados? Being in lock-down in a small bathroom with two younger brothers,3 back-packs,pillows,blankets,and a cat!!
For that was where we all were yesterday morning. It started with Jesse asking whether we should pack bags of clothes and stuff like that if we needed to run for shelter from a tornado.My mom said yes,and as it was two boys under the age of 14,it was mostly toys and gadgets that got packed.We all crowded into our small bathroom; the boys were sitting on a sleeping-bag in the shower,and I was sitting on a back-pack,a pile of clothes,two blankets,and a pillow,that had been stacked on top of the sink.Mom got to sit on the toilet. :} It was really crowded.There was nothing to do exept to listen to my two brothers,as they read Baby Blues comics out loud.And trust me,it is really anoying when you are trying to read one of Jane Austen's novels with laughing in the background. We tried to play hang-man, but that game takes way to much time if you are playing with two boys who laugh at anything you say exept what you want them to! Then we tried to play Mash,but just then the cat came in! She snuggled in behind the door; and just then Josiah rememberd that his cat was on his bed. He scrambled up,bumped Jesse,making him mess up his doodle.They both started yelling,mom came in with another weather report,and we all had to explain to Joe that his cat would be just fine where he was. Josiah finaly sat back down, just as mom came in to tell us that there was a tornado in our area. We all sat in the bathroom quietly listening to the storm rage out-side.After about 10min like that,mom left us in there to check the news again.She came back to say that it was fine now for us to do our school in the dining-room.The boys greatly protested at this,but were over rulled by mom who said that they had better get all of there school done by the end of the day.
We didn't see a tornado that day,and we did end up getting all of our school done, but by far,that was one of the strangest school days we had ever had. :)


  1. Ha ha ha! That's so good, Sarah! :)

  2. That is a very hilarious description! :)
    When we are home alone with that weather, the phone is off the hook with all of our Moms checking on us. As soon as it got dark from the clouds, Ruthie squeeled and ran around closing doors and putting blankets in the hall...I'm glad we didn't actually have any!

  3. It's funny because when your mom called us we had three other moms check on us in the same five minutes. I feel so loved. :)

    It was weird being under tornado warning when there are no adults there with you. But it was also really cool being there without anyone else being there. Five kids under the age of seventeen alone in a house when there are tornados in the area and dark clouds above our heads. It was awesome!