Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day at the pond

Over the last week, me and my brothers have opened our arms to the great out-doors. We have been practicing softball, throwing knives, and picking blackberries. But our latest hang-out has been the pond behind our neighbors house. The pond is average size, and there is an abundance of bass and brim. It is great for fishing, and we bring the fish home to put in the fish tanks in the greenhouse. When we are back there, I feel that it is another world, I like to sit next to the water and think or read. It is so peaceful, that I can't believe that it is so close to the busy road by our house.

Some blackberries that grow by the pond.
Josiah trying to catch some bait.
Jesse on  one of the islands in the pond. 
Jesse with the catch of the day. :)


  1. How cool is that! Maybe we can see it too on one of our Miller-Johnson hang outs! :)

  2. I dreamed of doing these sorts of things when I was younger, and always had the most fun when I got a taste of it. It was like going back in time to Little House on the Prairie or something, and enjoying simpleness, nature, quiet...

  3. Yes that would be fun Sarah!
    That is exactly how I felt about it Hanna! :)