Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today my brother Jesse went to work with my dad, so me and Josiah decided to make the day kinda fun by doing our yearly tradition together. For the past four years, me and Joe made it a point to pick as many blackberries as we could, so that we could make a pie. Most years we would put mulberries in it too, but as dad had the mulberry tree cut down....
So today, while Jesse and dad were at work, we went out and picked lots of blackberries, some from our yard, and some from neighbors yards....



  1. Mmm, that looks yummy! Save me some. :)

  2. I remember this tradition! :) It looks very yummy! We would love to pick more blackberries, but our little neighborhood usually holds enough for us to snack on while we are walking. *rubs stomach*

  3. My favorite picture is probably the blackberries lined up. So cute!

  4. Thank you! :)