Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here is something that I found on another blog:

This is how to get some really cool effects with your camera, and you basically just need paper and
scissors! I haven't tried it yet, but I thought that you would like to see it any way! :)

make something monday :: bokeh filter

For months I have been trying to figure out the secret to the heart shaped bokeh that artist like Irene Suchocki are so famous for. I love the look of it and figured it was some fancy photoshop trick or something hard. And then one evening recently I happened upon this little bokeh filter kit and was shocked and thrilled to learn that it is actually a filter you can put onto the front of your lens to create the beautiful, buttery heart shapes. I wasn't sure I wanted to purchase the full kit though and of course was left wondering if I could make one myself out of black card stock. The answer is YES! I whipped this one up this morning and was literally giddy with excitement that it actually works!!! Do you want to make one too? So easy this is what I did:
Basically all you need is black card stock, tape and some scissors. I have a few large circle punches and a heart shaped punch that I thought would make it easier. You really just need to trace your lens cap onto the black paper to get the right size for your camera and then right in the center of the black circle cut out your shape. In this case a heart but you could totally put a bird on it too :).

Then you're going to want to cut a long strip of black paper about 3/4" wide and long enough to go around the circumference of your lens. Mine was about 8" long.
I wrapped the long strip around my lens and secured it with scotch tape. I then layered my flat black circle with more tape and secured that to the ring.
I got it all good and tight..when I make another one I think I will try to scrounge up some black electrical tape from Mr. Goughs supplies but the scotch tape worked fine!

Now set your camera on a low aperture in manual focus and go outside in search of some lens flare. Play around with it - seriously I am so addicted.


  1. How cool! I don't think I would be able to do that on my camera because I don't have the lens that come off, but I bet Hannah can! Have you tried it?

  2. Yes I did try it, adn it doesn't work for my camera! I was so sad... ;) I would love to know if it works on Hanna's!