Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun evening with friends

Last week, we went to the Songs In The Park at Seville square. I always love going, and not even for the music, just for the fact that I get to sit on an old sheet, on the green grass, surrounded with friends. It is all so peaceful, and relaxing, even with all the noise. :)
And in other news: I got my braces of! ( You can tell most in the picture of me, Sarah, and Joanna.) :D
Even Dad came!
Mmmm...yummy cupcakes Ruth made. :D
We had the prettiest sunset.
We found a 'pond' and the boys had fun with that.


  1. It was a good time, and I'm glad your Dad could make it! :D

  2. We should do it again!

  3. You had braces???? Never noticed!

  4. omigoodness sarah!!! other sarah!!! joanna!!!! you girls look so young!!!! :)