Tuesday, September 6, 2011

G'by old friend....

Well, I have some sad news.....one of our good friends isn't with us any more.
 He has served us well, letting us stomp on him, and roll around on him, and sit around and tell jokes, or play telephone on him.
I think you all must know by now....Mr. Jumpy died on September 4, 2011. He was a good, and faithful friend to all, up to the very last of his days, and I am sure that we will remember him in our hearts always. :(

R.I.P.   Mr. Jumpy  :(


  1. *sniff* *sniff* He was... just so.....so..... BOUNCY!!! He will be missed. It's so sad... :(

  2. Aww! Mr. Jumpy?! We have spent many a time on there...lots of good memories. :) We will miss you, Mr. Jumpy!

  3. Aww, poor Mr. Jumpy. :\ We've all been through so much together...

  4. Aw... Poor Mr. Jumpy... :( But we made good memorys on it and had a lot of fun. We know this day would have to come...

  5. May he rest in peace...

    *Talking about trampolines instead of school*
    "Moooomm! We want a trampoline!"

  6. They said they would make money from playing music and I am thinking about planing a trip out in my boat and catch some fish so I can sell it to the fish market at gulf breeze. Ages under 16 can still sell them just as long as I don't start a job there. :) Then we can by a trampoline! :) I am going to have alot of fun in that boat... :)