Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home again, home again...

Well we are back!! We had a very nice vacation, and it was good to get to see all my family and friends. :D Now I know that most of you were expecting pictures, and I was planning on putting some on here for you to see, but unfortunately, our computer is not wanting to let me do it (stupid computer!). :( I am sorry that it didn't work, and I hope that none of you are extremely disapointed.....if you are, than try and talk some sense to this computer, 'cause it doesn't want to work! ;)


  1. Sarah's computer, shape up and let us see her pictures RIGHT NOW!! :)

  2. Dat's a good lil' computer! Come on, atta boy....
    Welcome home! :)

  3. That is fine. After all... It is a good little computer. :) Other than that... Welcome home! :)