Monday, July 16, 2012

Wise words to live by.


  1. Of course the children's book author would have the positive outlook.... :) From the pictures on your blog id say 1: you've been VERY buisy of late.
    and 2: you are going to be the BEST professional cook EVER!!! which is no wonder since your Mom is one of the BEST unprofessional cooks EVER... only difference is YOU are going to make a buisness out of it...last i talked to you... :)

  2. I know! I wonder if he naturally talked in ryme too.... ;)
    Aw! Thanks! I have been pretty busy (even though that was my week off), but I think things will be back to normal once the kitchen gets finished.... :)
    Hope to see you soon! (Are you going to songs in the park this week?) :)

  3. Somebody showed this to me last night at camp!!!
    It only made me cry more though cuz it brought back such memories. :)